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SKMR-137 Baraka - Zarathushtra Mantras (2017)

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The Baraka from Latvia presents a new unique project of the Mantra of Zarathustra. Mystical prayers in the Avestan language harmoniously intertwine with ethnic, jazz and lounge music, in which modern electronic rhythms follow along with eastern percussion, and the velvety bass clarinet perfectly complements the deep stik-bass reefs.
  The cultural bridge between East and West, which Baraka building for many years, has turned into a huge laboratory where the synthesis of musical ideas takes place, and where the most unexpected solutions are realized. Mantras of Zoroastrianism are the oldest prayers for the protection of the higher powers of all mankind. Now these formulas can be heard in a completely new and unexpected sound.
  The work on the album was attended by musicians from Baltic ethno-jazz group Baraka led by Dima and Devika Evsikovs, Zarina Tajibayeva from Tajikistan, Iranian Iran Riahi, as well as directly the bearer of tradition, the priest of the Zoroastrian community of Europe Mowed Kamran Jamshidi. Inside the booklet you can find a message to listeners, explaining the role of the mantra in the life of the Zoroastrian.

Devika Evsikova – mantra (avesta language)(1,3,5,7,10), fretless bass (1,3,6), Chapman Stick (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10), bass guitar (2,4,10)
Denis Pashkevisch – bass clarinet (1,4,10), tenor sax (2,3)
Artur Kutepov – guitar solo (1,2,3,4,6,7,10)
Janis Amantov – trumpet (2,6,10)
Viktor Ritov – piano (1), rhodes piano (1,3,4,7)
Madars Kalnins - rhodes piano (2,5,6)
Artem Sarvi - rhodes piano (8,9,10), synth solo (9)
Egor Kovaikov - indian sitar (2,5,7), guitar solo (5,9)
Raivo Stasans - alto sax (5,6,7)
Zigmund Zukovsky – bass (8)
Dmitry Evsikov – arrangement, mridangam (1,7), congo (2,3,4,6,7,8), bongo (2,3,4,6), ceramic bongo (2,7), daff (2,3) , ghatam (3,10), indian tabla (5,9), dumbek (8)
Iran Riahi - mantra (persian language) (4,6,8,9)
Zarina Tajibaeva - mantra (tajik language) (2,4,9)
Mobed Kamran Jamshidi - mantra (avesta language) (2,4,6,8,9)

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