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SKMR-142 Opycham – Kudesa (released 10/16/2018)

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"Kudesa" completes the cycle of 4 albums of the project OPYCHAM, which was invented and recorded by the drummer of Tuvan group Yat-Kha Yugeny Tkachev. The name OPYCHAM actually hides the name of the author, received from Tuvan shamans - Orus Ham, which means "Russian shaman".

The album's title also has deep mystical roots. "Kudesa" is a term that came to us from far pre-Christian times, when sorcerers and magicians (ancient Russian pagan priests) performed their magical rites, invoking Spirits and asking them about a peaceful life for peasants. As in many other pagan rites, one of the inalienable attributes was the shamanic drum, which the ancient Slavs also called Kudes.

The history of album deserves special attention. In early 2017, Eugeny celebrated his 60th birthday, and in the process of joyful encounters with friends, then the idea arose about an expedition to the winter Altai Mountains, to make audio sketches for the future of the new album. Soon away in the snow-capped mountains of Altai, in the Yurt Camp "Tydtuyaryk" Eugene meets his old friend, the famous Altai musician Bolot Bairyshev, as well as with other inhabitants of the yurt camp.

As a result, the musical Kudesa were a success, and a year later, at Moscow studio, Zhenya completed the missing fragments, which, thanks to the work of the sound produser Alexei Denisov (KM Studio), appeared before us in form of this album.

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