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Stepan and Valentina Nesterov and the "Sokol" group – "In the grove of yesterday..."

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About the album:
The family duet "SOKOL" of Stepan and Valentina Nesterovs in this album turned into a group (or project) with many invited musicians. This is an excellent and deeply thought-out album with old Cossack songs, which the musicians have been preparing for several years. Everything is perfect in it: a rare repertoire of songs, rich arrangements, lyrical parts on the piano, driving folk tunes and even guitar rock.

The album includes seven compositions lasting from three and a half to seven minutes and shows how interesting Russian folk music can be in the hands of real professionals. The high-quality work and the talent of the artists pleases and inspires to listen to the album again and again. A must have for ALL listeners of contemporary folk music!

About the artists:
A young married couple of musicians, Stepan and Valentina Nesterov, have long gained popularity among fans of ethno music and Russian folklore, thanks to their active work in social networks and frequent performances with solo concerts and at festivals.

Their videos on YouTube are gaining thousands and even hundreds of thousands of views - the guys sing Russian folk and Cossack songs in absolutely any situation - in nature, in the courtyard of a village house, in a city parking lot, and even on the square in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. And such an interest in Russian song is very pleasing, especially in these difficult times for Russia, associated with the unlawful cancellations of everything Russian.

In addition to concert and studio work, musicians are actively involved in educational activities in the form of master classes and seminars on Russian and Cossack traditional culture, participate in the organization and holding of youth festivals and forums such as "Seliger", "Tavrida", "Morning", "Balt- Artek", and many others.

Another great news is the use of the song "Komarik" as the basis for the release of the animated film of the same name together with the artists of the SOYUZMULTFILM studio - the main animation studio in Russia. The cartoon will be released as part of the new serial project PESEN-GRAD, which will start in 2023.


Valentina Nesterova – vocals, violin, viola
Stepan Nesterov – arrangement, vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, zhaleika (russian shepherd's wind pipe), balalaika, accordion, ryley (Don Cossacks hurdy-gurdy)
Ruslan Mursyakaev – arrangement and composition (7)
Andrey Dolgov and Terema National Instruments Orchestra – instrumentation (7)
Tatyana Eliseeva – vocals (3)
Vladislav Vinskovich – piano (1)
Viktor Meshcheryakov – drums (3)
Elina Meshcheryakova – bass (3)
Vladimir Savrasov – lead guitar (3)
Alexander Konteev – ocarina (5)
Boris Lifshits – drums (5)

Mixing – Vladimir Vorontsov
Mastering – Sergey Bolshakov
Recording Studio – Parametrica FlySound
Producers and authors of the idea – Valentina Nesterova and Stepan Nesterov


1. Gorlinka (Tender turtledove)

Don Cossacks song, Mrykhovsky hutor, Verkhnedonsky district, Rostov region
Stepan Nesterov – arrangement, back vocals, acoustic guitar
Valentina Nesterova – vocals
Vladislav Vinskovich – piano

2. Komarik (Mosquito)
Russian Doukhobors of Canada song
Stepan Nesterov – composition, arrangement, vocals
Valentina Nesterova – vocals, violin, viola
(Inspired by "Canon in D Major" by Johann Pachelbel)

3. Night in the grove (I walked through the grove at night)
Don Cossacks song, stanitsa Ust-Buzulukskaya, Alekseevsky district, Volgograd region
Stepan Nesterov – composition, arrangement, vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, zhaleika (russian shepherd's wind pipe)
Valentina Nesterova – vocals (soprano), violin
Tatyana Eliseeva – vocals (viola)
Victor Meshcheryakov – drums
Elina Meshcheryakova – bass
Vladimir Savrasov – solo guitar

4. Cossacks are walking on the hill
Ural Cossacks song, Krugloozernoye, West Kazakhstan region, Kazakhstan
Stepan Nesterov – arrangement, balalaika, accordion
Valentina Nesterova – vocals, violin

5. Near the sea to Far East
Don Cossacks song, stanitsa Bukanovskaya, Kumylzhensky district, Volgograd region
Stepan Nesterov - arrangement, vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Valentina Nesterova – back vocals
Boris Lifshits – drums
Alexander Konteev – ocarina

6. Walked Mary
Terek Cossacks spiritual verse, stanitsa Chervlennaya, Shelkovsky district, Chechen Republic, Russia
Stepan Nesterov – arrangement, snouts
Valentina Nesterova – vocals, violin

7. Dawn
Kuban Cossacks song, stanitsa Tbilisskaya, Tbilisi district, Krasnodar Krai
Stepan Nesterov – vocals
Valentina Nesterova – vocals
Andrey Dolgov and Terema Orchestra of National Instruments – instrumentation
Ruslan Mursyakaev – composition

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