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SKMR-120 Baraka "Hip-hop tribute to Ahmad Zahir", 2015

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The new album of Baltic band Baraka is devoted to Ahmad Zahir — famous Afghan singer from the mid-20 century who is well-known and beloved throughout the Eastern world and beyond. The basic conceptual and semantic line of the album is to show that the life of the prophet, save in his own country (and Ahmad Zahir was certainly a prophet to some extent), is short, dangerous, and, of course, tragic.

The last song on the album is called “My Death” - Zahir performed it when he was still alive, thus saying that his life will be an offering to the culture of his people, it will be bright like the flight of the star, but, unfortunately, rather short.

He was a great reformer, as he brought European instruments and electronic sound into the Afghan popular music. At that time, it was a huge and brave step forward for all of its musicians. We continued his reforms in some sense by adding rap and jazz to the famous Central Asian songs.

Besides constant Baraka band members album features various hip-hop artists from Tajikistan and singer Zarina Tajibaeva who is well-known in Europe. The album is accessible to a wider audience, for Western listeners as well as for the Eastern. It includes certain elements of the Eastern culture, jazz improvisation, rap and academic vocal performance.


Devika Evsikova – vocal, bass
Zarina Tajibaeva - vocal
Deniss Pashkevich – flute, sax
Viktor Ritov – piano, rhodes piano, synth solo
Artem Sarvi – rhodes piano, synth solo
Madars Kalnins – rhodes piano
Egor Kovaikov – electric and acoustic guitars, dutor
Artur Kutepov –guitars
Dmitry Evsikov – all percussion and arrangements

Alijon Boynazarov
Amin Mamadnazarov
Khurshed Davronzod
Dorob Yan's
Rayyan Sabet-Parry
Sabzali Navruzov
Imomdod Orifov
Mister Ruslan
KiLLa Voice
Kova Tilavpur

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